Debbie Adams – Founder

Debbie Adams is a 29-year-old mother and entrepreneur who founded She launched the website to provide cheaper alternatives (dupes) to luxury makeup brands, making beauty accessible to everyone regardless of one’s budget.

Debbie’s frustration with the exorbitant prices of fashion and beauty products sold by major brands was the catalyst behind the creation of ohdupe!


  • Makeup Coach, providing one-on-one makeup tutorials and consultations to clients to help them achieve their desired looks
  • Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger
  • Founder


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California (USC)
  • Certificate in Skincare and Cosmetics from Sephora Academy
  • Completed Skincare Classes by Sephora, covering topics such as skincare basics, advanced techniques, and product recommendations


  • Founded and grew it to a successful business within the first few months
  • Featured in several beauty publications for her expertise in the beauty & fashion industry
  • Volunteer at a local women’s shelter, providing beauty and self-care workshops to its residents to help them feel confident and beautiful both inside and out
  • Received positive feedback and testimonials from clients as a makeup coach for her ability to help them achieve their desired looks and feel more confident in their skin

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