Mac Strobe Cream VS elf Halo Glow | Which One’s Worth It?

When it comes to makeup, getting that perfect radiant, lit-from-within glow has become an eternal quest. Regarding radiance and glow, MAC Strobe Cream and elf Halo Glow have become two luminizing powerhouses claiming to transform and illuminate your skin with their radiance-boosting powers. 

Mac Strobe Cream VS elf Halo Glow

Regarding Mac VS elf, you know it will be interesting because both deliver the same results but with quite a considerable price difference. This Mac Strobe Cream VS elf Halo Glow comparison will answer your doubts with all the details.

Mac Strobe Cream VS elf Halo Glow | The Glow Battle 

Mac Strobe Cream, a cult classic, has managed to please fans with its dewy luminosity while providing hydrating benefits to the skin. On the other hand, elf Halo Glow has become a budget-friendly rival to these high-end luminizers with its similar formula. Let me break it down for you in detail.


The MAC Strobe Cream is not only about illuminating your skin and boosting the look of dull skin but also a moisturizer that provides skin benefits! It contains green tea leaf extract as one of its prime ingredients, as it promotes clear and glowy skin. It is also known to cause relief and soothe redness. With its exfoliating properties, it gives your skin a refreshed look. The Strobe Cream also contains jojoba seed oil infused with essential vitamins that enhance the skin’s barrier. Mulberry root extract is also present, which helps even out the skin tone. Other natural fruit extracts in the cream include apple and grapefruit extracts.

Keeping up the game strong, elf Halo Glow Liquid Filter is a multi-purpose glow booster infused with skin-loving ingredients to enjoy the glow while your skin enjoys nourishment. Since it is about ‘Glow,’ you know you need a powerful hydrating agent like hyaluronic acid, and elf understood the assignment. Hyaluronic acid in Halo Glow is all about intensely hydrating your skin so it glows from within. Another superhero ingredient is squalane, an emollient that moisturizes your skin. Other essential ingredients include glycerin, sunflower seed oil, and calendula flower extract. 

Mac Strobe Cream reviews


Though both the products are made for similar purposes, that is, giving your skin a healthy glow; it is somewhat challenging to say which offers more convenience. However, some people reported that the Mac Strobe Cream absorbed and disappeared into the skin. The glow did not last long, and you had to apply the cream generously. Regarding convenience, elf Halo Glow Liquid Filter comes with a wand, which may be unhygienic as you tend to put the wand back into the product. This can cause infections and other problems, especially during breakouts. 

Results & Effectiveness

Mac Strobe Cream is that luminous moisturizer that gives your skin a natural glow. You can even use it as a liquid highlighter that brightens your look. The cream smooths and enhances your skin, adding a lot of radiance. Moreover, it offers hydrating benefits so your skin stays healthily radiant! Elf Halo Glow Liquid Filter picks up the same pace and offers similar results within your budget. It provides a glowy solution to your makeup to ace that dewy, natural look. Even this product can be used as a highlighter. You can use it alone or mix it with your foundation to get the necessary coverage. With skin-loving ingredients, it also results in a healthy and hydrated-looking skin.

Safety & Side Effects

Mac Strobe Cream has fragrance mentioned in its ingredient list, which could be a problem for sensitive skin girlies. Fragrance, in general, is harmful to the skin, but for people who have reactive skin, it’s advised to perform a patch test first. It can cause redness or breakouts, as some people reported to experience. If the fragrance is unbearable on your skin, you can switch to elf. However, both Mac Strobe Cream and elf Halo Glow are formulated without parabens, phthalates, and triclosan.

elf halo glow

Performing a patch test is always safe and recommended, especially when you know you might have a reaction or allergy.

Pricing Structure

The pricing structure significantly differs between the Mac Strobe Cream and elf Halo Glow. You can look for an ideal Mac Strobe Cream dupe! But Elf can be a great alternative. Both of these products have similar purposes, but their prices vary greatly. Mac Strobe Cream retails at ** dollars, whereas you can get elf Halo Glow Liquid Filter for as little as ** dollars on several retail websites like Amazon. 

Evaluation of Pros and Cons

Mac Strobe Cream Pros

  • The moisturizer adds luminosity to the skin, giving you a natural-looking, dewy finish.
  • Apart from adding glow, it nourishes the skin with its blend of vitamins and botanicals.
  • Green tea, its prime ingredient, gives you a refreshed look.
  • You can even use it as a liquid highlighter to enhance the apples of your cheeks.
  • With its skin-loving ingredients, especially sodium hyaluronate, your skin’s thirst is quenched as it stays hydrated.
  • It also contains other natural fruit extracts promoting the skin’s health.
  • It gives your dull skin an instant fix.
  • Your skin looks brighter. 
  • It is available in three shades: Pinklite, Goldlite, and Peachlite. 
  • Your skin looks more clear.
  • Does not contain parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, or other harmful ingredients. 
Mac Strobe Cream dupes


  • It contains fragrance and can cause problems to the skin, susceptible skin.
  • Expensive compared to the amount of product it comes in.
  • It disappears from the skin quickly, and you may need to reapply or apply it in larger quantities.
  • Limited shades.

elf Halo Glow Pros

  • The Elf Halo Glow Liquid Filter is a multi-purpose product that acts as a moisturizer and a glow booster.
  • It is like that one glowy solution for your dewy makeup look.
  • You can use it in four different ways: either under or over your makeup, or you can mix it with your foundation, you can use it as a highlighter, or you can just use it alone.
  • You can recycle the glass container it comes in.
  • It not only gives a boost of glow but also improves the health and hydration of the skin with its ingredients.
  • It contains hyaluronic acid, a superhero ingredient that ensures skin hydration.
  • You can also find squalane in it, which provides antioxidant benefits for your skin.
  • The Halo Glow gives you a soft-focus effect that looks like a real-life filter.
  • There are 12 shades available.
  • Vegan.
  • Affordable.
elf halo glow dupes


  • Some users reported that it made their faces look oily.
  • Though there are 12 shades, getting the exact shade with the exact undertones might still be problematic.
  • The coverage is very sheer and light, and after a few hours, it may dissolve entirely into your skin and may not last long.

Customer Feedback | Mac Strobe Cream VS elf Halo Glow

A user, Sneha Israni, said about Mac Strobe Cream, ‘It is a quality product. It gives you a light highlighting effect. But it gives that shine and glow to your face without overdoing it. You can mix it with your moisturizer or even use it after moisturizing your skin. You can use it at the end as a highlighter, too! It can be used on your body for that dewy glow as well. It does not cause breakout or give any allergies or rashes on the skin.

Mac Strobe Cream reviews

A user named Cailyn Dumont commented about elf Halo Glow, ‘It looks great. I purchased the lightest shade, and it looks very nice. The coverage is minimal, as expected, and the glow does not look very oily, giving the skin a nice and shiny radiance. When applied with the Halo Glow Setting Powder, it looks amazing! Some people are confusing it for a foundation! It is not! It is like a base for your makeup or a light, minimal makeup look. Overall, it is amazing. However, their shade range is not impressive because if you are pale, then even their lightest shade will turn out to be somewhat dark and orange on you.

elf halo glow reviews

Another user, Ekta Jain, commented about Mac Strobe Cream, ‘It is just an average product which does not make much difference to your skin complexion. It gives a little shine and hydration, but if you want to try something like this, go for other affordable brands! I got the mini one first and will not buy the bigger one!

Another user disappointedly said about elf Halo Glow, ‘It is sticky! I wanted to love this product because it looked like a dupe for Charlotte Tilbury, but I just could not get into it! It felt greasy on the skin, and the shine it gave felt like it would all come onto my hand if I touched my face!’

FAQs | Mac Strobe Cream VS elf Halo Glow

Is elf Halo Glow the dupe for Mac Strobe Cream?

Elf Halo Glow Liquid Filter is a dupe for Mac Strobe Cream, as it offers a similar glow and radiance while moisturizing and hydrating your skin. It is a sure dupe for Charlotte Tilbury!

Can you use the Mac Strobe Cream for other purposes?

The brand says you can use the Mac Strobe Cream as a liquid highlighter at the end of your makeup. Mix it with your moisturizer and then use it on your skin. Some users also reported that they used it on their body as well for that dewy glow.

How to use the elf Halo Glow?

elf Halo Glow can be used in four different ways. You can use it alone if you want a light and sheer coverage. For a luminous base, you can wear it under your makeup. If you’re going to highlight your high points, use it as a liquid highlighter. Mix it with your foundation to get a beautiful, dewy radiance. 


As the Mac Strobe Cream VS Elf Halo Glow comparison ends, it is evident that these products offered similar things. They both did an excellent job of achieving luminosity, hydration or glow! However, the battle becomes intense or, instead, just ends when it comes to the price! You can get elf Halo Glow for almost half the price of a Mac! Another positive about elf is that many reviews are available online for you to understand and assess better! So it now lies in your hands if you want to break the bank or just go with the affordable dupe!

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