How To Spot Fake Christian Dior Saddle Bag? Easy Hacks!

Entering the fashion world, the appeal to get these designer bags, clothes, or any other stuff comes associated with the risk of encountering forged or fake products. Among these is the very famous Christian Dior Saddle bag; many people have been the victims of these counterfeiting situations. The only reason why people buy a Christian Dior Saddle Bag dupe is because of the high price. Let’s face it, we all need to save money, and if we’re getting one original-looking bag at half the cost, I don’t think it’s a waste of money.

How To Spot Fake Christian Dior Saddle Bag?

If you have involuntarily bought a fake Dior Saddle Bag thinking it’s new and now just questioning how to spot fake Christian Dior saddle bag, you are in the right place. This guide will help you with the essential details, like understanding the hallmark features of hardware that define an authentic Christian Dior piece. 

How To Spot Fake Christian Dior Saddle Bag?

The process can be very diligent because the counterfeiters attempt to create an exact copy of the brand’s design. However, mentioned below are some of the factors that you should consider to quickly, to some extent, spot a fake Christian Dior Saddle bag.

The Hardware

The hardware is usually where the counterfeiters find it slightly hard to replicate exactly. Hence, it is one of the first noticeable things, and you can easily spot fake ones. This is because the quality of the letters C and D is seemingly off in the fake ones. The real one is golden, like a bright hue, whereas the fake one has a touch of yellow, making it look slightly dirty. 

real Christian Dior Saddle Bag

The Flap

The flap shape and size are another essential and easy-to-differentiate feature of the bag. As per the authentic Christian Dior Saddle bag, the flap is always smaller than the rest. The fake ones usually have a pretty big flap covering much of the bag’s front part.

The Date Code

The date code is on the back of the Dior bags’ leather tags. The code has a specific format, which goes like this: a set of two numbers, followed by two letters, and then four numbers. The letters show the country’s name where it was produced, while the first two digits are like the factory code. The last four numbers indicate the date, wherein the first and third digits show the month while the second and fourth digits show the year of production.

The Opening

When you lift the flap, the opening into the main compartment should not extend to both ends of the bag. There is always some material in between, but in the case of the fake ones, you can see that the opening is as long as the bag.

The Strap

Sometimes, like the hardware parts of the bag, even the straps become pretty obvious when you sit down to differentiate the fake one. It is either about the letters or the texture of the strap. By texture, I mean the stripes. The stripes are dominant and evident in the real Dior bag, whereas the text outshines the background stripes in the fake ones. The stripes seem minimal in these fake bags.

The Label Tag

The label tag or the leather tag is attached to the interior lining. These tags are supposed to be rectangular but with soft and rounded corners. If there are sharp and square corners, it is fake. Moreover, the stitching is meant to be intact and robust, whereas the ones in the fake one seem uneven.

fake Christian Dior Saddle Bag

The Top and Zip

The top of the bag should dip or bend inside slightly. The fake ones have their tops stiff and form a perfect straight line. The zippers in the authentic Dior bags are well-crafted and made out of high quality. However, the fake ones usually feature cheap, lightweight zips that already seem frail and tarnished.

How To Stay Safe From Fake Christian Dior Bags?

Though counterfeiters can reach heights to replicate the exact copy of the high-end products, there are still ways in which you can stay safe to some extent.

  • Purchase from authorized retailers: To avoid being caught in scams, buy from authentic or authorized Dior retailers. Sometimes, these counterfeiters tend to sell their products at prices that feel too good to be true, and hence name these as deals.
  • Seek professional services: Whenever you feel skeptical about your purchase, feel free to seek professional authentication services as the experts present there have expertise in these designer items.
  • Research: Since you are investing a lot in a high-end designer product, research well before purchasing it. Go through articles that discuss the comparison between real and fake ones. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all the fake Dior Saddle Bags have the same features?

No, many brands and manufacturers out there produce, or try to produce, the exact duplicate copy of the original. Since there are various brands or counterfeiters, the process becomes hard to do as they do not know much about fashion. This creates differences in shapes, sizes, and fonts.

Do all the fake Dior Saddle Bags have the same features?

How should I check if my Dior Saddle Bag is real?

You can spot the fake Dior Saddle bag in several ways. These include checking for hardware, like the Ds and the Cs, which are not bright golden in the fake ones. Moreover, the monogram and print also seem off in these fake Dior bags. The best you can do is to get your bag checked from authentic sources or services where the experts help you.

Are the Dior Saddle bags the same every time?

No, sometimes there are changes. For example, the D on a Galliano-era bag has a C and a D engraved on the left side and has sharp serif fonts. However, the D on a Grazia Chiuri-era bag is not engraved and has dominant or bold and rounded serifs.

Final Words

This guide helps enthusiasts with methods that help you when you get frustrated and get stuck on this one question: How to spot fake Christian Dior saddle bag? Though spotting the fake ones isn’t easy, it is still doable. Paying close attention to minor details like the quality of materials, stitching, and, most importantly, the place you are buying from! Take your time, research, and if you aren’t sure, seek expert help. In the end, just trust your gut and leave it!


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