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Those Rare Beauty Blushes have taken the internet by storm! But at what prices are these Rare Beauty Blushes? We’ve probably just watched those videos or stared at these beauties holding our wallets tight! What if I tell you you could get your hands on the exact shades without breaking the bank? Here’s a list of 11 similar shades of Rare Beauty blushes to help you find your desired Rare Beauty Blush dupe. 

Rare Beauty Blush dupe

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Rare Beauty Blush Dupe | Same Shades, Less Price 

Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty has revolutionized the makeup industry with its products and the social impacts to which it has committed. The brand has stood out within its initial years of launch because of its mission to celebrate individuality and self-acceptance. Because of this, it offers a wide range of makeup products for various skin types and tones so every skin type feels accepted and recognized.

One of the exceptional products of the brand is its blush line, something that had the internet broken. You could see how people in their TikToks and reels had only two things to say: beautiful and pigmented. Isn’t that what an ideal blush should be? As described by the brand, these blushes are weightless liquid blushes with long-lasting ability. Well, taking forward those ‘ideal shades,’ but within our budgets, I present 11 stunning shades with their dupes so your cheeks can feel the same ‘Rare’ effects.

Flower Beauty Blush Bomb Color Drops For Cheeks – ‘Pinched’ ( Dupe for Rare Beauty’s Blush Shade – Bliss’)

Rare Beauty’s Blush in the shade Bliss is all about that perfect nude pink shade. It lies between that peachy warmth with a touch of soft pink undertones. Perfect Rare Beauty Blush dupe.  It offers a natural flush, just like the rosiness of a sun-kissed glow. Since it’s peachy pink, it is usually best for fair or medium skin tones. The same peachy rosiness can be seen on your cheeks with Flower Beauty’s Blush Bomb in the shade Pinched, which gives your cheek a fresh and healthy glow instantly. It has a similar lightweight formula that blends easily with your makeup.

rare beauty bliss blush dupe


  • The shade is very pigmented.
  • It is seamless and gives a very natural flush to the skin.
  • The longevity is impressive.
  • The formula is easy to blend and merges into the skin without leaving patches or lines.
  • The buildable nature makes it best for both a natural and dramatic look, based on your choice.


  • The packaging can be a drawback for some people as it comes in tubes, which may turn messy and lead to waste as it can dispense more product than wanted.

Sheglam Color Bloom Liquid Blush Shade – ‘Night Drive’ (Dupe for Rare Beauty’s Blush Shade – ‘Faith’)

Here’s another famous blush, ‘Faith’ from Rare Beauty, which has caught much attention for its dark shade. It is a deep berry shade like a plum with subtle, cool undertones. However, this particular shade gives off a matte finish. Since you know it’s dark, even a tiny dot seems very pigmented and goes more than a long way! But you don’t have to worry about the price. Have ‘faith’ in me because Sheglam has come to our rescue with its similar shade, ‘Night Drive.’ It is richly pigmented like a deep berry or plum color, contributing immensely to your bold looks. 

rare beauty faith blush dupe


  • Very pigmented.
  • The color payoff is excellent.
  • Creates an intense, bold look.
  • It helps with full-glam looks.
  • Blends easily.


  • Everyone may not like the packaging. 
  • The texture may be a little watery.

Juvia’s Place Blushed Liquid Blush Shade – ‘Rosey Posey (Dupe for Rare Beauty’s Blush Shade – ‘Happy’)

Rare Beauty’s Blush in the shade Happy is a cool pink shade that leaves a dewy finish. The shade is warm-toned and leaves your cheeks with that medium pink and a luminous finish. But I think it’s time to be ‘happy’ because, comparing the same shade, Juvia’s Place Blushed Liquid Blush has Rosey Posey, which is again like a versatile rose pink hue that gives your cheek a fresh radiance. Even this shade leaves a luminous finish that adds more to your healthy, young-looking cheeks.

rare beauty happy blush dupe


  • The blush offers excellent pigmentation, which gives a vibrant but natural glow to the cheeks.
  • The buildable formula makes the blush customizable.
  • It does not fade away quickly.
  • A little goes a long way.
  • It is beginner-friendly.


  • It can be too pigmented for pale or fair skin.
  • So much pigment can be hard to blend.

Sheglam Color Bloom Dayglow Liquid Blush Shade – ‘Risky Business’ ( Dupe for Rare Beauty’s Blush Shade – ‘Worth’)

The shade ‘Worth’ by Rare Beauty is a beautiful and warm terracotta shade. It also has a touch of muted coral and brown undertones, which makes it another perfect shade for that hint of sun-kissed glow. It offers a dewy finish, enhancing the complexion and adding a healthy radiance to your cheeks. Similar to this shade, Sheglam, in its Color Bloom Dayglow Liquid Blush line, has a shade, ‘Risky Business.’ It is defined to be that bold coral shadow with hints of warmth. The coral undertones make it similar to the shade Worth, giving it a cheerful appearance. Considering the similarity and the affordable price tag, I think it is ‘worth’ it!

rare beauty worth blush dupe


  • Risky Business’s shade offers a vibrant coral hue, which provides a lively pop of color.
  • It offers a sheer wash of color.
  • It contributes to a dewy and radiant complexion.
  • The shimmery effect makes your skin look shiny and bright.


  • It may not last all day.

A’pieu Juicy-Pang Water Blusher Shade ‘PK03 – Guava’ (Dupe for Rare Beauty’s Shade – ‘Hope’) 

The shade Hope is a nude mauve, like a muted one, which offers a very subtle look. The soft undertones of this shade make it a very flattering pick for those who want to go for a gentle and understated hue for their look. The long-lasting formula helps maintain the vibrancy of the color, be it subtle or an intense color. Well, don’t lose ‘hope’; you can get the same subtle and muted look for your cheeks with the low-cost alternative, A’pieu Juicy-Pang Water Blusher in the shade PK03- Guava. It has a watery texture that blends seamlessly into your skin. It is described as a warm, light pink shade that gives a natural glow. 

rare beauty hope blush dupe


  • It is pigmented.
  • Blends easily into the skin.
  • It is buildable, and you can increase the vibrancy as you desire.
  • The longevity is impressive.
  • The packaging is cute.


  • The texture may be a little too watery for some people.
  • It is very sheer, and you may have to apply several layers.

Flower Beauty Blush Bomb Color Drops For Cheeks Shade – ‘Melon’ (Dupe for Rare Beauty’s Blush Shade – ‘Joy’)

Rare Beauty’s Blush shade ‘Joy’ is that shade that gives off warm-toned dark coral vibrancy. Joy leaves a dewy finish, giving your cheeks a muted peach-finished look. It gives off lively and cheerful vibes which effortlessly blend into the skin. You can have all the ‘joy’ within your budget with Flower Beauty Blush Bomb Color Drops in the shade Melon. It is described as a medium-dark coral shade with warm undertones. It also leaves a similar dewy finish and turns warmer upon adding more layers. Flower Beauty’s Blush is more towards a gel-like texture than watery and spreads consistently, making it an ideal Rare Beauty Blush dupe.

rare beauty joy blush dupe


  • The pigment is stunning.
  • Even a tiny amount is enough for a glam look.
  • The texture is gel-like and spreads quickly.
  • It stays on your cheeks for long hours and does not fade quickly.


  • The color can be a little too bright and vibrant when applied. 

Colourpop ‘Fresh N Peachy’ Pressed Powder Blush (Dupe for Rare Beauty’s Shade ‘Virtue’)

Rare Beauty’s Virtue shade is among the newly launched ones that is more towards the beige peach and leaves a dewy finish. It is slightly brighter and coral-orange with warm orange undertones that make your cheeks look bright yet peachy-orange. You can get the same look without spending much with Colourpop’s Fresh N Peachy Pressed Powder Blush, the same bright-medium coral with warm orange undertones. However, it gives your skin an opaque pigmentation with its silky consistency. It provides a matte finish with even distribution along the cheeks.   

rare beauty virtue blush dupe


  • It is a beautiful, bright, peachy orange.
  • It has a good staying power.
  • The color payoff is impressive.
  • The formula is buildable with good pigmentation. 


  • People with dry skin may find the blush slightly powdery, emphasizing their dry patches.

Coloured Raine ‘Smooches’ Cream Blush (Dupe for Rare Beauty’s Blush Shade – ‘Lucky’)

The shade Lucky screams bright or hot pink and gives off that perfect Barbie pink vibe. It also has excellent blue undertones that leave your cheeks with a dewy finish. The pigment is intense, and the coverage is impressive, and you may only need to apply a dot or two. ‘Lucky’ you! You can get the same Barbie pink look for your cheeks without breaking the bank with Coloured Raine’s Cream Blush in Smooches’s shade. It is a rich raspberry, quite pink, with cool undertones, which is very pigmented. Since it’s a bright color, you would only want to use very little, and it is perfect for the ones who desire more coverage.

rare beauty lucky blush dupe


  • The pigmentation is stunning.
  • The cream blush lasts for a long time.
  • It provides heavy coverage.
  • The texture is very soft and creamy.


  • Intense color may turn very bright.
  • The smooth texture will eventually lead to a lot of blush on your fingers.

Colourpop ‘Mistress’ Pressed Powder Blush (Dupe for Rare Beauty’s Shade – ‘Grace’)

The shade Grace, as described by the brand, is like a bright rose mauve with a matte finish. It looks like a bright medium pink with warm undertones, which is intensely pigmented. The formula is quite drying, meaning it dries fast, and it is recommended to do one cheek at a time, or blending becomes tedious. Colourpop ‘grace-fully’ offers a shade named ‘Mistress’ in a pressed powder blush slightly cooler than the Rare Beauty’s shade but has a similar warm-toned pink, which provides a matte finish. The pigmentation is intense, and a little goes a long way.

rare beauty grace blush dupe


  • Pigmentation is intense.
  • It blends out easily.
  • Long-lasting color payoff.
  • The color can be built based on how natural or glam you want the look.


  • People may not like the dusty consistency.

Danessa Myricks Colorfix Matte Shade – ‘Spicy’ (Dupe for Rare Beauty’s Blush Shade – ‘Believe’)

Rare Beauty’s Blush in the shade Believe is like a mauve with a dewy finish. It is slightly darker pink with warm undertones, which can, depending on the intensity of the pigment used, give you a naturally fresh, dewy finish. Since it is super pigmented, a tiny dot goes a long way, and those small dots blend easily. If you ‘believe’ me, you can get the same look cheaper from Danessa Myricks Colorfix Matte blushes in Spicy’s shade. It is a warm-toned plum-type shade which gives a matte finish. The texture isn’t watery or thin and blends easily. Thus, we call it the best Rare Beauty Blush dupe.

rare beauty believe blush dupe


  • The pigment is intense, and you can get a full glam look.
  • You can use it as an eyeshadow and even for your lips.
  •  Because of its texture, you can use it as a base for any powdered product or blush.
  • Lasts long.


  • Intense pigmentation.
  • Dries down quickly.

Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush Shade – ‘Daiquiri Dip’ (Dupe for Rare Beauty’s Blush Shade – ‘Grateful’)

If there is a blush lineup, you know it is incomplete without a red blush. And so, here is the Red blush from Rare Beauty, which screams intensity. It is defined as a true red, which leaves a dewy finish. The apples of your cheeks will feel apple-red with this shade, which glides on smoothly to enhance your cheeky glow. Again, to be genuinely ‘grateful,’ you can get a similar shade with Fenty Beauty’s Cream Blush in the shade Daiquiri Dip without spending as much as for the Rare Beauty. It is like a soft coral red, slightly lighter and less pigmented than Grateful. However, it still gives your cheeks that red kiss with its satin finish. 

rare beauty grateful blush dupe


  • The pigment and shade is bright.
  • It requires effortless blending.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Sweat-resistant.
  • It does not feel greasy on the skin.


  • It may fade away within hours.

Why are Rare Beauty Blushes so famous?

Rare Beauty is Selena Gomez’s brainchild, and straight up coming to the point, who doesn’t love her, right? The brand has also wholeheartedly devoted hard work to this Soft Pinch Liquid Blush Line. The immense fame and popularity these shades have gotten is for quite a few reasons.

  • Social Impact: Selena Gomez, with her team, has won hearts with her emphasis on social issues and mental health to celebrate everyone out there, hence the name of these shades.
  • Inclusivity: The brand has 13 shades in its blush lineup that include pinks, peaches, reds, and even dark plum shades with cool and warm undertones that can be used for different skin complexions.
  • Formulation: These liquid blushes are formulated to be lightweight and super blendable that seamlessly melts into your skin. They are even made to be buildable to get a natural look or an intense, bold, full-glam one.
  • Ingredients: The ingredients also play a role in these blushes, making them feel good on your skin. This is because of a botanical mixture of lotus, white water lily, and gardenia, all of which help keep your skin nourished and soothing it while the color payoff does its job.
  • Pigmentation: The pigment of these blushes stole the show and made everybody gasp out of surprise. A single dot on each cheek did the majority of the work.
rare beauty blushes

FAQs | Rare Beauty Blush Dupe

What are some of the brands for Rare Beauty Blush dupes?

There are not just several drugstore brands out there that offer similar shades to the Rare Beauty Blushes, but also other affordable ones. Some are NYX Cosmetics, e.l.f., Colourpop, Milani, Flower Beauty, Sheglam, etc.

Does Rare Beauty Blush last long?

Since the formula is made to be a long-lasting one, the liquid blushes often last for at least 6-7 hours without fading or transferring much, some people also reported that some shades lasted for almost 10 hours before notably fading away.

How do I identify a good Rare Beauty Blush dupe?

For a good Rare Beauty Blush dupe, initially look at the shade match and undertones. Then, compare the pigmentation, blend-ability, coverage, and longevity to get a perfect dupe. Make sure you read reviews of these dupes so you get a better idea of the color payoff, lasting power, etc.

Does Rare Beauty support mental health?

Rare Beauty donates 1% of its annual sales to the Rare Impact Fund. Rare Impact is a social initiative to support mental health and provide people with the required resources to help them with their mental health.

Final Words

Rare Beauty is one of those few brands that has won hearts as soon as it started. Be it because of who owns it or the products, it has ruled the makeup industry. However, if the price tag has broken your heart, I will fix it. Nobody will ever know if it’s Rare Beauty on your cheeks or something completely different with the best Rare Beauty Blush dupe. Everybody wants to get those Rare blushes on their cheeks, but our savings are crying in the corner, and if that’s the case, then I hope this article will significantly help you!

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