6 Reasons Why Goyard Bags Are Expensive (Decoded)

What is one thing common in Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Goyard? The fact that they are all luxury designer brands and have a soaring demand despite their exorbitant prices. Goyard is a French luxury brand primarily making trunks and bags. 

Why Goyard Bags Are Expensive? | 6 Reasons!

You can easily spot a bag of this brand by looking at the signature Goyardine canvas. The pattern resembles the letter Y made with dots and monogram hues. But why Goyard bags are expensive making people look for Goyard dupes? Is there something truly unique about them, or is it merely a fad? Let’s find out! 

The origin of Goyard dates back to 1792 when Pierre-Francois Martin began the Maison Martin. It focused on manufacturing trunks, boxes, cases, etc. Later, Louis-Henri Morel became the successor of Maison Martin, who hired François Goyard, a 17-year-old trainee, in 1845. Both Martin and Morel trained Goyard exceptionally well. After Morel’s death, Goyard became the leading founder of this brand, and thus, his lineage has continued since 1853.

The origin of Goyard

Returning to our topic, what makes Goyard bags so expensive? Here are the top 6 reasons for it.  


After 170 years of its official inception, Goyard leveraged its manufacturing legacy. The brand’s history of producing quality pieces added to its ‘luxurious’ tag and maintained its reputation throughout these years. To an extent, Goyard became an ensemble of classic icons signifying timeless beauty. Many celebrities, influencers, and others donned Goyard bags that also boosted its face value. Goyard’s long-standing heritage strengthened the brand’s perception, thus raising its price.  


Goyard bags are durable and long-lasting. They are easy, breezy, and hassle-free to travel with. The brand boasts of the classic ease that defines the functionality of the bags, as they are well-built and look chic, too. The personalization of design in Marquage is an uncommon factor among Goyard’s competitors today. The company even lets you customize the bag and select the font hues, signs, stripes, and tones. 

goyard bags

Fine Materials

The emblematic fabric defines Goyard’s cult canvas. Famously known as the Goyardine canvas, its manufacturing process is a mystery today as the traditional members do not spill the secrets of its process. Makers use linen, hemp, or cotton fabric to build these waterproof bags. The resins employed are light-toned and natural.


Goyard keeps its individuality alive. It may be hard to see this brand doing multiple collaborations like its contemporaries. What else adds to Goyard’s secretive identity is its hesitation to open advertisements or influencer marketing. Sometimes, it does not even reveal the prices of its bags and turns off buying options from its official site to sustain confidentiality among the customers. This feeling of rarity or uniqueness sums up the brand’s worth and makes the bags costlier. 

Artisanal Craftsmanship

Plenty of artisans work on the bags till they gain ‘perfection.’ Customization can take up to 4 weeks, and a personal artisan is in the making. Specifically, the crafters hand-painted the bags until the 2000s, but screen painting is typical now. Whether it is Goyard’s Bucket bag or Saint Louis PM Bag, the craftsperson applies the skillsets adopted from the Maison’s traditions. This reason also stimulates the overall price range.

goyard customization

Limited Supply

The limited supply of Goyard is yet another factor for its costliness. While brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes, and Gucci focus on opening their multiple flagship stores across the globe, Goyard maintains its confidentiality and restricted supply by owning only a handful of retail boutiques. The narrow pipeline of Saint Louis Bag stocks is also due to the brand’s selective collection and exclusive classification.

All these six reasons play a vital role in highlighting their standalone features, thus increasing the price of the bags.

FAQs | Why Goyard Bags Are Expensive?

Let us glance at some of the most asked questions about the brand.

Why are Goyard bags so popular?

They are popular due to their standard, durable quality bags that are rare and expensive and belong to an age-old Maison legacy. The constant comparison with its contemporaries like Louis Vuitton with different users juggling to weigh down the ‘better’ one of the two has also made it the talk of its time. 

Do Goyard bags last?

If you use them safely, they last well for up to a few years. However, you may notice a light fading on the canvas after using it for some years due to non-stop rubbing, especially in creases and bottoms. But you can sustain the bag’s longevity by following the given instructions. 

Why Goyard Bags Are Expensive?

What is the best Goyard bag to buy?

The classic Goyard bags to buy are the Goyard Saint Louis PM Tote, Croiserie bag, Saigon Top Handle bag, and others. These were a few ones heavily favored by the celebs and commoners alike. Yet, nothing matches the craze of Saint Louis Tote bags, and it is one of their best-sellers. 

Do Goyard bags increase in value?

Yes, Goyard Saint Louis tote bags may regain up to a 111-112% increase in resale value. Even the Belvedere bags hold a maximum of their retail value in the market with only a few changes. However, the bag’s condition must be stable to achieve this retail price level.

Closure | Why Goyard Bags Are Expensive? 

The traditional lineage, great utility, soft fabrics, fine materials, handmade skillset, and exclusivity make the Goyard bags expensive. Customers love to buy products from this brand due to its top-notch quality, rarity, and heritage value. So, are Goyard bags a good investment? Yes. They will last and give you a chic, comfortable add-on to your apparel. 

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