Can Goyard Bags Get Wet? (Explained)

Goyard bags are a symbol of luxury and extravagance. But there is something else that adds mystery to its presence. Unlike its contemporaries, Goyard never displays the prices of its bags or promotes advertisements. The bags show a timelessly renowned collection. But it is still common for people to ask this pertinent question. Can Goyard bags get wet? Does water affect them? Let’s find out!

Can Goyard Bags Get Wet

Can Goyard Bags Get Wet? | Let’s Find Out! 

The company builds the bag from a thin cotton canvas, so most are cotton-made with leather handles. But Goyard also creates a few bags entirely from leather. They are lightweight, comfy, and flexible, so they may get minor wrinkles upon folding. 

Can Goyard Bags Get Wet?

Goyard bags are resistant to water and stains. Still, the brand suggests avoiding long-term contact with water or other liquid forms. So, how do you clean a Goyard bag exteriorly? Follow these steps.

  1. Take a dry, dust-free cloth. Ensure that its fabric is clean.
  2. Gently wipe the bag’s outer part with the material.
  3. Do not rub the bags intensely or machine-wash them.
  4. Clean the bag’s interior with a soft brush.
  5. Dab the area with an absorbent cloth if a bag patch gets wet.
  6. The process of cleaning is similar to Goyard wallets.
  7. Keep your bag covered in a dust bag when not using it to shield it from intense heat and light.
  8. Remember to place cleaning orders with the company’s artisans, who are skilled at renovating the bags commercially.

Skim the precautions and aftercare instructions carefully shared by the company. The Saint Louis GM bags represent the emblematic canvas and are waterproof and durable. The Goyard repair policy suggests you follow the instructions and contact their after-sales team by filling out a form to receive further help. 

Know that it is common for your leather straps to have cracks, holes, or a bumpy texture due to melting. If this instance prevails, contact the service team, who will repair the damage for free for some period (after which you need to pay for a decent amount of repair work). Still, the waitlist may be up to 3-4 months. 

Frequently Asked Questions | Can Goyard Bags Get Wet? 

Are Goyard bags waterproof?

The brand uses the term water-resistant and not waterproof. So, it is safe to say that the bags can limit water penetration but cannot restrict it altogether. The tightly woven fabric of linen and cotton has a light coating of resin that makes it durable, flexible, and less susceptible to water.

What is so special about Goyard bags?

Goyard bags come from an age-old Maison Morel tradition of the late 1800s. The company keeps its luxury bags in the headlines due to their high-quality pieces, iconic canvas, super-functional features, and exclusive marketing. These are the reasons why Goyard bags are expensive.

Are Goyard bags reversible?

Yes, the Anjou GM and Saint Louis tote bags are fully reversible, with the plain leather print on one side and the Goyardine canvas on the other. You can use them either way to flaunt your desired style.

goyard saint louis tote

Do Goyard bags last?

Goyard bags are well-known for their durability. They last up to years if taken great care of. Their tote bags can carry up to a decent amount of weight of up to 30 lbs or more. But, their print may dim over time and lose its dotted signs. But the leather stays intact and flexible for a long time. 

How to take care of a Goyard bag?

The brand itself outlines the cleaning process of the bags. You can polish the Goyardine canvas with a mushy, dust-free cloth, swiping the bag with large movements. The patterns can be prone to abrasion, so avoid intense, constant rubbing. Never machine-wash or use other mechanical processes to clean it.

Closure | Can Goyard Bags Get Wet?

Although the brand claims that the Goyard bags are water and stain-resistant, you may not want your bags to get wet. If it does, patch it dry with a dust-free cloth and air-dry it. 

The brand uses three types of fabrics (linen, cotton, and hemp) to make its bags. The coating is made of natural resin, which makes it soft, lightweight, and water-resistant. But prevent contact of your bags with rain, water-based products, or other liquids to make it last long.

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